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Taylor Brown Apothecary


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High-end Luxury Brand Topical – Bespoke Apothecary

Your Health – Your Life

Your Health-Your Life

We want to help you invest in your skin’s wellness and treatment to improve Your Health – Your Life. Taylor Brown Apothecary is a high-end topical–bespoke apothecary brand. We deliver an effective skin care result and a luxury lifestyle experience without compromising your health. Taylor Brown Apothecary’s product line uses herbal oils, ointments and topical anti-aging ingredients to serve your skin’s wellness needs in every way. Our products are bespoke, which means made to order. We want to help you feel better, look better and attain your best life. 

Our Promise

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Through perseverance, tenacity and a dream of perfection, the Taylor Brown Apothecary brand offers this promise: We will help you discover a personal lifestyle of passion. expectation and a trusting relationship by offering herbal oil,
ointment and anti-aging topical-bespoke products to serve your skin’s wellness needs.
We will continue to unveil a line of luxury skin care products that eclipse others in their class.

Dr. James S. Payne, Professor, Author, Scholar, The University of Mississippi


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Our origin story

Dr. Ivory Lee Taylor and Dr. Joyce Renee Brown founded the Taylor Brown Apothecary brand in 2003 as a brick-and-mortar prescription retailer and compounding pharmacy in Memphis, Tennessee. We are now exclusively a high-end topical-bespoke apothecary brand. Our product line delivers an effective skin care result and a luxury experience without compromising your health. READ MORE

"The Taylor Brown Apothecary brand is one of trust and credibility because of its founders. Their idea for delivery of education on oils and herbs to improve health and life is authentic as it is awesome. It is true that relationships matter! I am glad to know Taylor Brown, which has been enriching and enlightening."

- Dr. Cheryl S. Mobley-Gonzalez , an Executive Business Consultant